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Anti-static overhead floor: the installation of steel anti-static floor of the small technology

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Now there are a lot of floor, different types of floor installation method is not the same, today by the anti-static overhead floor sales staff to introduce you to install the steel anti-static floor tips, we must seriously look Finished our article Oh.

Adjust the support to be installed to the same height and place the seat at the intersection of the ground grid lines. Use the mounting screws to secure the truss girders to the supports and correct the trusses one by one using the horizontal and straight rulers to allow them to be perpendicular to each other in the same plane. Use a suction plate to place a steel anti-static floor on the assembled truss. If the remaining size near the wall is less than the length of the floor, you can use the method of cutting the floor to make the patch. When laying the floor, you can use the blister level leveling by piece, the height of the activities of the floor by the adjustable bearing adjustment, laying the process should be gently, to prevent the scratch of the floor and damage to the edge, but also should be Laying edge cleaning, need to avoid the debris, dust left in the floor below. In the engine room to set the heavier equipment, you can in the equipment base of the steel anti-static floor under the installation of seats, so that can be a good place to prevent deformation of the floor.

After reading our article, I believe we have to understand the installation of all-steel anti-static floor tips have been understood it, hope Xiaobian introduced this knowledge is helpful to everyone, if you want to know more relevant information, you can consult we.


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