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Anti - static activities of the daily maintenance of the floor precautions

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With the increase in the number of years of use, anti-static activities of the floor of the anti-static performance is more or less affected, in order to work to fully play their performance, we need to regularly clean and maintain them. Here we introduce you to the room anti-static floor daily maintenance Note:

1, please do not use a sharp, rough weight on the floor surface scratched, drag, keep the surface of the floor light.

2, walking or operating on the floor, can not wear metal nails shoes, but can not use sharp objects, hard objects in the floor surface scribing and percussion, conditional wear shoe cover.

3, often used to squeeze the wet mop mopping the floor surface, such as oil stains, available dirt, detergent scrub.

4, the floor is open, you should use a special suction plate light that lightly, not with iron hard pry.

5, for long-term heavy load situation, the corresponding parts of the floor should be added support, or easy to cause deformation of the floor.

6, wood activities in the floor cleaning, avoid water droplets, so as not to leak into the floor substrate, damage to the floor.

7, if the veneer material is PVC, it should be noted that at regular intervals can be used for wax wax wax processing to keep the floor luster. Recommended reading: anti-static floor, how to properly maintain?


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