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Common anti-static activities of the type of floor

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Will be anti-static as the product classification criteria, the floor of the category can be divided into anti-static floor and anti-static floor and floor, anti-static activities of the floor is generally based on substrate and veneer materials to different. Substrate with steel base, aluminum, composite base, particleboard base (wood), calcium sulfate and so on. Common The following three kinds:

1, Steel Anti-static Floor
Steel anti-static floor Features: All steel components, the board for the hard steel plate, the next plate for the deep drawing steel plate. Bearing capacity, anti-stripping strong, interchangeable performance, pavement effect beautiful; waterproof, fire, anti-static. Steel anti-static floor Scope: Widely used in a variety of room, especially the communications room, data transmission center, is a high anti-static requirements and load requirements of the engine room.

2, Composite Anti-static Floor
Composite anti-static floor material: Particleboard or cement inorganic plate base, above can choose a variety of veneer materials. Composite anti-static floor features: technology is mature, interchangeable performance, cheap.

3, The Network Floor
Network floor material: This product is a steel structure, the use of high-quality steel sheet tensile welding to form steel shell, cavity filled with foam cement and drying curing. Floor surface after phosphating spray treatment, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance. Network floor features: floor bracket, beam galvanized pipe, durable, strong carrying capacity. Scope: used in any intelligent office room.


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